We're best friends. Strange things happen. <3
  • (Walking out into Brittany's room after playing a round of Dance Central)
  • Emily: I don't trust that game.
  • Brittany: What?
  • Emily: It just told me I don't know how to do a jazz square. Do you know how many years I've been doing jazz squares? A lot of years… They're not hard.
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  • Brittany: If I say something and you think it's blog-worthy, post it.
  • (Long pause)
  • Brittany: Poot noodles?
  • Emily: You just did a wheezing laugh. You sounded like an old man.
  • Brittany: You've never heard me wheeze before?
  • Emily: No.
  • Brittany: I have definitely wheezed around you.
  • Emily: (Voice scratchy due to frog in throat) Oh, this is cute.
  • Brittany: Okay, beelzebub.
  • Emily: Hey, do you want some lotion?
  • Brittany: Yeah... Actually no. I'll get it on my steering wheel and think it's mayonaise later on or something.